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The 09/30/14 CD Added Valve Promo Winners are: 5th place is DB2TA w/ ticket #, 4th place is DB2TA w/ticket #, 3rd place is Ruben w/ticket #154, 2nd place is Mary w/ticket #170, and 1st place Winner is Jim w/ticket #.  Congratulations and thank you all for purchasing our first in studio LP.  We appreciate all our fans who donated their ticket back to "Tomorrow's Alliance".  


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Did You Know that 1 out of 3 
Women Die of Heart Disease

"GTR-TV"  is on Sunday, 

6 to 8p.m.  SUNDAY is FUN DAY 

"GTR-TV" interviews  

" "  .  show time  6 - 8 P.M.   

GTR-TVwas at the 106th CHICAGO AUTO SHOW.  We will be posting news and stories from February  7th to the 18th Chicago Auto Show.  More stories and interviews will be posted on this web site soon.  Summer is "TA" festival busy season.  GTR-TV will be having interviews out in the field instead of studio interviews.



Thank You for visiting "TA" ARCHIVE.com.  This new web site is about past shows, with past photos and past gig information of the band from 2005 to 2014.  This WEB Site is currently in Progress.    More pics and information will be posted.  Thank You fans for all your support. Jimi, Jeff and Arthur  

Thank You for purchasing our new LP.


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