"TA" SHOUT OUT 2013.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Looking forward to a terrific 2014.  Thank you for your continued support.  Arthur, Jimi and Jeff

Thank You Molly Valdez for being a "TA" Photographer in 2013.  Great Job!
12/31/13.  "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" has changed our Home page for this web site starting January 1st, 2014.  We will be launching it on 12/31/13 unofficially.Thanks, Arthur 

12/26/13.  We Love You COCO!  You have been a good and loyal, loving pet.   Lots of wonderful, funny stories you created for our family.  Your 16 & 1/2 years with us have made this family closer.   Thank You COCO!  Your Loving Family.

12/26/13.  We wish all our fans a Happy Kwanza!

12/25/13.  Merry Christmas ! ! !

12/23/13.  Great job on your finals Arthur.  
12/22/13.  We are sad to report the death of a great man.  Actually he is also the son of a Great man.  John S.D. Eisenhower passed away at the great age of 91.  He wrote a number of books about the military and was a teacher at West Point.  Very interesting individual.  His Great father was the 34th President, Dwight D. Eisenhower.  God bless his entire family.  An American Icon.  

12/19/13.  Good Luck Arthur on your Final today.

12/18/13.  Our condolenses to the family of Super Radio Personality, Larry LuJack!  On Air for 50 Years in the radio business.  He started on the 50,000 watt radio station WLS IN 1967.  He passed away from cancer at the age of 73 in his home in New Mexico.  God Bless his entire family.  Jimi, Arthur & Jeff 

Great job on your finals Dave, Molly and  Jimi. 

12/16/13.  Happy 29th Birthday Doug.  Make the most of your last year being in your twenties.  Jimi, Jeff & Arthur

12/15/13.  Our deep regrets go out to the family of Peter O'Toole, a Great Actor who passed away at 81 years old.  God Bless his entire family.  Jimi, Arthur and Jeff    

Great Job on your finals Dave!

12/07/13.  Today we reflect and honor the men who died on this day in 1941 at Peral Harbor.  

12/05/13.  We mourn the passing of a great humanitarian and freedom fighter who used peace as his weapon.   Nelson Mandella died today at the wonderful old age of 95.  He was a lawyer in South Africa who decided to use his talents in law to fight for Equal Rights for his people.  He spent 27 years in prison for those deeds.  He also became the first South African Black to be President of South Africa.  God Bless his deeds, sacrifice, perseverance and his entire family.  Jimi, Arthur & Jeff

12/05/13.  Congratulations Martina on your new born son, Evan Nathaniel Trovato.  WOW !   We love you.  Jimi, Arthur & Jeff

12/04/13.  Congratulations on your engagement Crystal.  You will make a beautiful bride.  Arthur

Our condolences to the family of Paul Walker.  He passed away from an automobile accident.  Mr. Walker was 40 years old, an accomplished actor.  He was in commercials as a kid and is famous for acting in the most successful franchise motion pictures " The Fast and the Furious" films.  Wow!  We will miss his future films that he will never be part of.  Jimi & Arthur  

11/28/13.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING America!  Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!  

We Remember Chicago's former Mayor Washington today.  He really loved his city.

11/22/13.  God Bless John F. Kennedy the 35th President of The United States of America.  Today is the 50th Anniversary of his death in 1963.

11/20/13.  Today Illinois Gov. Quinn has signed into the law the Marriage Equality Act.  

11/19/13.  Today, TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE Honors the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln's Getysburg Address to the Nation 150 years ago today.  God Bless the 16th President and the United States of America.  Jimi, Jeff and Arthur

11/14/13.  Our Condolences to the family of Mayor Bill Rahn.  He was a terrific Mayor of Westmont for many years.  God Bless his entire family.

Congratulations Martina on your marriage engagement.  Love you, Jimi, Jeff & Arthur  

11/11/13.  Today we remember the birthday of our uncle Josh.  He was a wonderful son to our grand parents.  

Great job Arthur on your class.  Keep up the great work.  Jimi

11/01/13.  A Big HAPPY 21st Birthday E-MAN!  You are the MAN.  Thank You for being a Great percussionist but more than that a Terrific friend to Jimi, Jeff, Arthur and Dave.  

10/31/13.  Happy Halloween!  Have a safe and fun day today.

Good Luck Molly on your two new jobs.  It's tough but we know you will do everything you want to do.  Love You, Arthur, Jeff and Jimmy

Thank You to All that donated to the LIONS Club Candy Day Drive 2013.  You truely make the difference in the health of the needy.  Can't wait till next year.  

10/13/13.  Wish Chicago's Marathon Great Success.  Terrific weather for a run.

Good Luck on your New Class Jimmy!  Love You Bro, Arthur

10/10/13.  Good Luck Arthur on your next class.  Congratulations on officially entering  Junior year in College.  Work and study hard Arthur.  Jimi 

10/06/13.  We are thinking of you Uncle Dave.  Get better soon Tio!  Jimmy and Arthur

10/05/13.  Excellent grade Arthur on your final.  Love you, Jimi.

10/05-06/13.  Thank You Colin Paterik for doing a terrific job recording "TA".  Thank You New Lenox, Illinois for making this recording possible.  A big THANK YOU to Molley Valdez, Dave Barnes, and Emmanuel Ortiz.  You did a Great job at the recording session.  Long week end but we did it.  Jimi, Jeff and Arthur.

10/03/13.Good luck Arthur on your final !  Don't worry we will handle TransAmeric gig tonight.  Love you bro, Jimi

10/01/13.  Congratulations AMERICA!  Today starts a historic day for all Americans.  Today all Americans can get Health Care. Pre-Existing health care issues will not cause anyone not to be insured.  "TA" hope that this law passed in 2010 will work out.  Health Care Exchanges does make sense.  We will wait and see.  Good Luck America!  

09/22/13.  Good Bye SUMMER 2013!  "TA" had a very good summer performing our music to fans current and new.  Thank You to all the festivals, parades and other venues we performed at this summer.  HELLO FALL 2013.  We are ready to perform and entertain this fall.

Congratulations GRACE on getting married to the love of your life.  AWESOME!  "Tomorrow's Alliance" wish you and your husband the Best of Life.  Your friends, Jimi and Arthur

09/18/13.  Happy 21st Birthday Molly V.  We love you and are so pleased that your performing with "TA".  You ROCK Molly!

09/18/13.  AMERICA!  Happy Constitution Day.  Enjoy the Freedoms you Have and always feel free to preserve them.  Jimi, Arthur and Jeff

09/11/13.  Today we remember and honor the people who parished on 9/11/2001.  2,983.  Let us always remember that day.  Innocent people who died by the hands of mad men.

09/10/13.  HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY JEFF!  We love you and hope you have a great day today.  Jimi and Arthur

09/06/13.  Our condolences to the family of Don Wade.  Radio personality, Don Wade passed away today from brain cancer at the age of 72 in his home in Florida.  He was on the radio for 55 years.  He will be missed.  Our dad had him on the radio every morning when we were driven to school on the North side of Chicago as young kids.  God Bless his entire family.  Arthur and Jimi

09/05/13.  Good Luck Arthur on your next class.  Jimi and Jeff

08/31/13.  Congratulations Martina on your wonderful news.  Your Having A BABY!  Wish you all the best life can bring.  We love you and can't wait to see the baby.  Jimi and Arthur
08/31/13.  Congratulations Arthur on your Final and your final grade.  Excellent Job Arthur.  Another class done.  Your moving forward.
08/30/13.  Good Luck Dave on your new semester at school.  I'm sure you will get top grades again.  Arthur
08/29/13.  Good Luck on your final Arthur.  Love you bro, Jimi
08/28/13.  We wish our cousin Lydia a speedy recovery.  Praying for you primo.  Jimi and Arthur
08/28/13.  We honor today Martin Luther King Jr. who delivered a speech that has reached and changed millions of people in this country and around the world.  "I HAVE A DREAM" speech is today as powerful as delivered on this date date back in 1963.
08/16/13.  God Bless the family of Chris Johnson.  He was an excellent photographer who worked at College of DuPage newspaper.  The Courier.  Terrific person who was a wonderful person.  He will be missed.  I can;t beleiv he passed away.  Never forgotten.  He was a friend.  Arthur
08/16/13.  Happy Birthday Anna!  We love you and thank you for doing a great job singing with "TA".  Jimi, Arthur, and Jeff
08/16/13.  Happy Birthday Jake.  We miss you but know your doing music on a bigger scale.  Keep on going and live your dream.  Jimi, Jeff, and Arthur
08/12/13.  God Bless the family of Eydie Gorme who passed away at 84 years old.  She was a fantastic singer. 
08/04/13.  Hey Fans, "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE"  will be adding a new web site named for all our older stuff.  This current site will be streamed lined for only current year gigs and "ta" stuff.  It was time to put our past gigs in a "TA" archives  This site is work in progress.
08/03/13.  HAPPY 52nd Birthday President Obama.  "Tomorrow's Alliance" wish you a great day.  Jimi, Jeff and Arthur
07/28/13.  Hey "TA" fans, we came in 1st place at the New Lenox Battle of the Bands.  All the bands were terrific.  Very pleased with our performance.  Thank You Lisa and Kathy for doing a great job on directing all the bands on and off the stage.  Loved New Lenox, Illinois.  Jim and Arthur
07/24/13.  Arthur, Great Job on your final.  Jimi
07/22/13.  We Remember a Terrific Chicago Actor who passed away today at the young age of 69, Dennis Farina.  Dennis was also a Chicago cop for 20 years before he got his acting gig in 1981.  An original.  He passed away from a blood clot in his lungs.  He will be missed.  God Bless his entire family.
07/22/13.  Congratulations on the new baby Prince, Dutchess Kate and Prince William of Britain.  This is the best day of your lives.  Very Cool.  
07/22/13.  Happy 21st Birthday Selena Gomez!  Have a Great DAY TODAY!    Jimi, Jeff & Arthur
07/20/13.  We wish the Chicagoland Auto Dealers the best today with their BBQing For the Troops event.  Will be lots of fun and GOOD!
07/18/13.  Bryant HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big Brother!  Love You, Jimi & Arthur
07/18/13.  "TA" wish Nelson Mandella a Happy and Bless 95th Birthday!  Mr. Mandella is a true representative of peace and tolerance.
Happy 4th of July!
07/04/13.  Happy 85th Birthday PAPA!  We Love You and Thank You for All You Do for Us.  Jimi and Arthur
Good Luck David Barnes on your summer math class.  Being a dedicated student always pays off in the end.
Good Luck Arthur on your next college class.  Know you will do fine.
Good luck Jimmy on your new nursing classes.  Remember study hard.
05/08/13.  Love You LITA!  We are praying for your full recovery.  Love, Jimi and Arthur.
05/08/13.  Good Luck Arthur on your finals this thursday.  Study hard Arthur!  Love Jimi. 
HAPPY Birthday John Swietec.  Glad to hear you are back home from the hospital.  Stay well my friend.  Jimi, Jeff and Arthur
Congratulations Anna Garcia as stage director on your play.
Congratulations EMAN on being accepted to Drum Core.  Lots of cities and towns to visit this summer.  Great opportunities await you.  Way to go!
Good luck Jimi on your next quarter of Nursing classes.  Way to go!    Arthur
Congratulations Jimi on your Nursing Finals.  Way to go!  Now a week and a half off school.  What will you do?  Arthur
HAPPY St. Patricks Day!  Wearing Green today and loving it!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jonathan and Kyle!  Hope you have a fantastic birthday.  Love, Uncle Jimi and Uncle Arthur
03/04/13.  Happy Palaski Day and Happy Birthday Chicago!  And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTHUR!  Love you bro, Jimi.
03/02/13.  Happy 11th Birthday Alexis!  Love, Jimi, Jeff and Arthur 
02/20/13.  Deepest condolences go out to our Aunt's family.  Our Aunt Delia passed away today.  My father told us she was a wonderful dancer and great cook.  Tia Delia was a wonderful mom to her three children.  Her grand kids will miss her and our great uncle Rich will miss her so much.  They held the formula that LOVE is Made of.  My dad has great stories about Tia Delia.  God Bless her entire family.  She will be missed but never forgotten. 
02/19/13.  Happy Birthday Dad!  Thank You for all of the support and assistance with our music and school.  Love  Jimi, and Arthur
02/15/13.  Today we remember with LOVE, our Grandmother AMI.  Marilyn Kane.  PAPA and AMI KANE.   Their Love last till end of Time.  Jimi and Arthur 
02/14/13.  Our Condolences go out to our mother and sisters and brother.  Our Grandfather Edwin Kane, PAPA passed away today at the wonderful old age of 84 years old.  We wish the entire family good health and lots of love.  Our PAPA Kane would want that.  PAPA will always be our Valentine and HAVE OUR DEEPEST RESPECT FOR KEEPING ALL OF US IN HIS LIFE WHEN HE WAS ALIVE.  PAPA is now with our wonderful Grandmother who passed away in February 2005.  AMI and PAPA Kane will be loved forever.  WE LOVE YOU PAPA KANE!  God Bless your entire Wonderful Family.  Jimi and Arthur
02/13/13.  We hope our Grand Father/ papa Kane makes it through his surgury tonight.  We love him so much.  Love Jimi and Arthur
02/08/13.  Uncle Dave get better soon.  Please take care and we will be visiting you in the hospital soon.  Thank You for all you do for us.  Love, Jimi and Arthur
02/08/13.  Hope you have a blast Jimi at the 105th Chicago Auto Show First Look for Charity Ball tonight.  Hope the rest of the guys go next year.  GTR-TV Salutes you Jimi.
02/07/13.  GTR-TV will be posting videos and stories from the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. The show opens to the public 02/09/13 and ends 02/18/13. Check out their web site at
02/06/13.  GTR-TV had a blast shooting an interview with two bands, "SWITCHBACK" and "CAPTAIN BLOOD ORCHESTRA".  We will be posting these interviews very soon.  Both bands are excellent.  We were fortunate to visit them both and get the interviews at the Raven Theatre in Chicago.  We will have more information on these bands very soon.  "SWITCHBACK" web site is @
"TA" had a great time opening for the band "TIME MACHINE" !  They are seasoned musicians that sound, look and perform great.  You will have a blast dancing to their tunes.    Their web site is  This was the first time "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" performed cover songs.  We did two COVERS and TEN "TA" originals.  ALL HAD A BLAST.  THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME MOLLY GRAFF performed with "TA" on stage with the rest of the band.  She did a great job.  As usual Eman was excellent on Bongos and Congas.  Jeff was RIGHT ON as usual.  Also a big thank you to Molly Valdez for taking pictures of "TA" on stage.     
Congratulations JD MUGGS on your 15th year Anniversary.  Great to see a tradition in Addison, Il. continue to so well.  By the way a great place to eat and have your next party.  Check out
We wish a speedy recovery for our Papa Kane.  Please get well soon PAPA!  We Love You.  Jimi and Arthur
We hope that John Svitek gets well soon.  He is a good man that served his country during the Korean War.  SAD THAT HE HAD TO GO INTO THE HOSPITAL.  GET WELL SOON JOHN.  
01/24/13.  Our condolenses go out to our cousins and our grandfather who lost their dad/his older brother. Alvaro Liceaga passed away at the grand age of 86.  He was a hard working man who took care of all his boys.  He will be missed but never foegotten.  God Bless his entire family.  Jimi and Arthur 
01/07/13.  Good Luck Jimmy on this years semester in Nursing School. 
"TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" wish You & Your Family


GRATITUDE & Our Sincere THANKS goes out to every Person and Organization that booked "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" in 2012. We appreciate you all for allowing us to entertain your guests and Bring our music to your venue. "TA" had nothing but "Good Times" and Great memories to end this year with. Looking forward to seeing you all in 2013. Sincerely JIMI and ARTHUR
We Love "TA" Fans! A Special Thank You to "TA" Guest Performers, Producers, Photographers, Ambassadors and the Great People that assisted "TA"in moving our equipment in 2012. You All Rock! Sincerely JIMI, JEFF, and ARTHUR. Happy New Year!
2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR! GOOD TIMES RADIO & T.V. on WRSE 88.7. Sundays 6-8p.m. Heard Streaming Live @  Thank You Guests, Listeners and Viewers for making 2012 a Great Year. Jimi and Arthur

So Long 2012!  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!