"TA" Gigs in 2006.

"TA" Gigs in 2006
6. Oktoberfest 2006
5. Aug. 15th.  Lyn's Birthday Event.
4. Aug. Block Party Event 2006
3. Sept. 10th. Diaz's B-Day Party
2. March 4th.  Arthur's Birthday Party
1. Feb. 19th.  Jim's 46th Birthday Party

Jimmy and I want to thank all the people that booked our gigs and 
gave us the opportunity to play our music to their crowds/patrons.  
We sincerely appreciate everyone for their support.  
Thankyou, Arthur Liceaga

Jimi Performing at a Block Party in 2006.

Arthur Performing at Oktoberfest 2006.

  "TA" Jamming in 2006 at a friend's Birth Day Party..