TA's 2007 Gigs.

The Guys after a Drury Lane performance in 2007.

Starbuck Gig in 2007.

 "TA" Gigs in 2007

31. Dec. 22nd. Christmas Party on Windjammer Lane.
30. Dec. 21st. Private Christmas Party for Kayla B. 
29. Drury Lane Christmas Show cancelled. Our friend Mike who sponsored us for the show was 
injured with 3rd degree burns to his entire body.  He is hospitalized and we wish him the best
in his healing.  We were shocked to hear this.  We will get back regarding his health in the near 
future.  We wish you the best Mike!  Get Well. Arthur Liceaga
28. Dec. 7th Autum's Birthday Party
27. Nov. 22nd. Thanksgiving Performance @ Barbs Guest House 
26. Nov. 3rd. Washington St. Halloween Party, DG.
25. Oct. 31st.  Halloween Door to Door Jam Session. 
24. Oct. 27th. The Caymen Party
23. Oct. 27th, Metzger Halloween Party 
22. Oct. 27th, Brewed Awakening 
21. Sept. 22nd, Oktoberfest 2007
20. Sept. 18th, Block Party on Adams Street
19. Sept. 1st, Drury Lane Fashion Show
18.Aug. 19th, Jim's Birthday Party 
17. Aug. 18th, Chicago Ave. Block Party
16. Aug. 18th Friends of the Arts 
15. August 15th, Lyn's Birthday Party
14. July.  Brewed Awakening
13. July. Luna Street House Party
12. July 15th - Taste of Westmont
11. July 14th - Taste of Westmont
10. July 13th - Laodecia Cafe and Panini
 9.  June 23 Friends of the Arts,Westmont Ill.
(Canceled due to weather.)
 8. May.  Red, White, and BBQ
 7. May.  Westmont Talent Show
 6. March 3rd, Art's Birthday Party
 5. March.  PTA Movie Night
 4. March.  Battle of the Bands
 3. March.  Oscar Night
 2. Feb.19th,  Jim's 47th Birthday Party
 1. Jan.  Starbucks, Naperville

A "TA" Moment!