"Tomorrow's Alliance"
2008 Performances
Original Music you will Enjoy!
Let us get your Party or Event Rocking.
Sincerely, Jimi and Arthur Liceaga

Birthday Parties, Festivals, Charitable Events,
Picnics, Corporate Events, Anniversaries,
Graduations, Weddings, Barmitzvas,
Church Events, Holiday Shows,
Fund Raising Events, School Events & Dances.



58.  December 28th.  "TA" performed at Martina's Annual Christmas party. 
We had a blast performing at this holiday party.  Everyone was really great and
we look forward to next years party.  This gig was unplanned but it was so
much fun.  Really easy going.  "Simply Comfortable".  It was an Acoustic set. 
Great way to end the year 2008.  Thank You Martina for inviting "Tomorrow's Alliance".
57.  December 23rd.  "TA" was mentioned on the "Ray Hannania" Radio Show. 
Ray has worked or works for the SouthTown News, Chicago Sun Times,
Chicago City Hall reporter, WLS, WCEV, WJJG, Huntington News, Comcast, etc. 
Thank You Ray.   
56. December 2nd. "TA" performed at Westmont's High School Literary and
Music Festival and a Memorial for Mrs. Ford.  It was great with a big turn out. 
There were three local book authors who described why, how and what it takes
to write.  Their personal experiences that go into their stories.  Poetry reading
that was awesome by WHS students.  There was even a piece of writing that Mrs.
Ford actually wrote last year about her realization and experience of the Civil Rights
movement of the 1960's.  Man that was great!  She was really cool.  The night had
great music from terrific singers that go to WHS.  Regarding "TA", Jeff was great
as usual.  Austin sat in to play the bongos for "TA" and he was right on.  Thank you
Austin Gorman.  Jimi was able to play with us.  He has been studying for college
finals that are schedued next week.  It's that time of year.  He got a 10 out of 10 on
his bio test and felt good about joining us at this tribute gig.  Jimi also wanted to honer
Mrs. Ford.  Jimi really wanted to sing our song, "Concert of A Lifetime" to honor his friend,
Mrs. Ford.  It was important to him to be with us at this performance.  "TA" sang for
the first time in public, our new song, "RECIPRICAL".   "TA" dedicated our song
"CONCERT OF A LIFETIME" to Mrs. Ford.  "Tomorrow's Alliance was honored to sing
at this important event.  We will miss Mrs. Ford.  We recieved sad news yesterday,
THE DAY BEFORE THIS EVENT that Mrs. Connie Ford has passed away.  She was ill
 from cancer.  "TA" was honered to be part of this fund raiser for Mrs. Ford.  It was a
powerful night, somber mood but the great MC, Mr. Ratcliff got us through the night
 with his up beat messages.  Mrs. Ford was a vital person at Westmont High School. 
She was loved by the entire school.  At the end of this night, while her WHS family
was leaving the event, a few of us music performers sung a cover tune called
"Knocking on Heavens Door" dedicated to Mrs. Connie Ford.  The entire staff did
a wonderful job.  Isais Felipe organized the Fund Raiser.  Great Job to all. 
Thank You for inviting us.  GOD BLESS HER FAMILY. Arthur
55. November 9th.  
My Uncle Joshua's Memorial was held this night. 
My Uncle Josh passed away April 2008 in Florida.  He was 41 years old. 
His 42nd Birthday would have been November 11th, 2008.  On Veterans Day. 
All his friends and our family members came out to celebrate Uncle Josh's life. 
Their was a cool DVD prepared showing my uncle's life as a student and professional
dancer in the 1980's.  His teacher during that time prepared the DVD.  The DVD
showed the hard work and the professionalism that goes into dance.  The hard work
Uncle Josh and his colleagues go through to make us feel the particular piece of dance 
we're watching.  Jimi and I walked away with more appreciation for the world of dance
and the people that make it look so easy.  It's not!  It takes lots of training, dedication,
 and work.  Austin joined us and played the Congas.  Austin did fantastic.  Like old times. 
Nicole took pictures.  Nicole is Great.  We played a few songs including
"Concert of a Lifetime".  Tio Josh's friends and our relatives loved the music. 
It was really cool to meet relatives Jimi and I didn't remember.  The last time
we met we were really little kids.  Uncle Josh brought us together.  My uncle's
friends were really great.  They really, really loved my Uncle Josh.  My brother
Jimi and I thank everyone for being part of this wonderful night.  We tied notes of
 special messages to loved ones that have passed away to the balloons. We then
went to the Pent House roof top in Downtown Chicago where Uncle Josh hung out
as a young person and released the balloons.  Dozens and Dozens of balloons floating
into the brisk night sky.  Most of the ballons floating among the skyrises of Chicago
and a few floating over Lake Michigan.  What a magical night.  Jimi and I will have
to write a song about this special experience.  What a night.  To Uncle Josh! 
Thank You to all that shared this sad but also wonderful night.  Arthur and Jimi 

54. November 1st.
Nicole's Birthday Party was Great!   All her good friends came 
out to celebrate.  Nicole has really nice friends.  Thank You to Nicole's entire family
who are all terrific.  Also, "TA" was pleased that Anita, Rich and Erica came out to
celebrate this night.  "TA" is honored to have performed at Nicole's party and we really
enjoyed the night.  Lots of fun.  Even Lita and Papa came to celebrate Nicole's Birthday. 
Jimi and I appreciate Nicole for all she does for us.  Zach Swiec actually played the
Bongos for "TA" and he performed the Drums on the song we wrote together a few,
few years ago, "Concert of a Lifetime".  Brian was right on!  Great!  This was a
fantastic night.  We had a "packed house".  Nicole is so cool and we were honored
 to perform for her friends.  Thank You to all that came to the Party. 
"TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" really loves Nicole and we are so pleased
she enjoyed herself.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!  Jimi and Arthur         
53. October 31st.  "TA's" 2nd Annual Halloween Door to Door Jam Session. 
Erica joined us dressed up as Bat Girl.  Lots of fun and we collected at least 
2 pounds of can food for the needy.  Thank You to all that donated the can food. 
See You next Yearand we hope to collect more can food.    
52. October 26th.  Pumpkin Harvest Festival. 
Pumpkin Harvest Festival was Fun. 
"TA" thanks Larry for the invite.  All the acts made us proud to be able to share
the same stage with them.  On a personal note, Great Job Ryan.  He did a solo
act.  Not that any other act did less, it's just good to see an old friend come a long
way.  Thumbs up to all.  Many thanks to the Jaycees, Lion Club, Westmont Chamber
of Commerce and Westmont's Special Events.  Great stage!  Great sound equipment. 
This was a last, last minute gig and "TA" was pleased to be asked to perform. 
 Again, thank you Larry.  Also, thanks to all our fans that came out and to all our new
fans. We appreciate your applause.  Jimi, I know you had to study over this weekend
and I really appreciate your participation with this gig.  Thanks brother.  Jeff was
awesome and Brian was great.  Love you guys.  Arthur
51. October 16th.  Elmhurst College, Homecoming Talent Show was a blast!  We
were invited to participate in their 2008 Homecoming Talent Show at the last minute. 
We didn't have time to practice.  We didn't practice for three weeks, but you know,
the show must go on, and if "TA" is fortunate enough to be asked to perform, we will. 
Thank You Elmhurst College. You talk about talent on stage, WOW!  It was Great.  What
fantastic talent Elmhurst College has.  Every Act was right on.  What fantastic people
we shared the stage with.  The folks that ran the sound system and the people who
organized the event were awesome.  Lots of work.  Brian, Jimi, and I salute you all. 
We know and appreciate the work that goes into making a show successful.  OK Man,
 the night was great, the fans were great.  "TA" has new fans and that is why we
write and perform music.  It's about growing our "TA" Community.  We enjoyed this
Performance and look forward to future shows at Elmhurst College.  By the way,
thank you Brian Doherty for makng the show last minute.  Rock On Elmhurst College. 
50. October 2nd.  WHS BON FIRE!  "TA" had a blast!  Jimi has been wanting to do this
Gig for three years.  Finally!  Thankyou to the entire Westmont High School community. 
You are the best!  Love all our fans who were on fire this night and to all the dancers,
you girls were excellent.  "TA" loves our fans dancing to our music.  The night was perfect. 
A truely "Coruba" experience.  Thank You Westmont High School.  "Party Hearty till the
Lights Go Down" experience!   
49. September 19th.  
Jimi and I performed five or six of our songs at Elmhurst College. 
It was lots of fun and we had a blast.  The event had very talented bands, individual 
acts and singers.  The crowd was great and we are looking to perform more of our
songs at Elmhurst College real soon.  Elmhurst College, Jimi and I thank you for a
fantastic "Welcome".  Our newest "TA" fans go to Elmhurst College.  Beautiful Girls
 everywhere.  Wow, it was great!  Thankyou to all who attended.  Jimi and I had a
blast.  Looking forward to performing again at Elmhurst College real soon.  Thank you
 Elmhurst College.       
48. September 13th.  Have a Heart Foundation.
"TA" was scheduled to perform at the
St. Judes Fitness Walk for Cancer Research on October 13th, 2008.  Unfortunately the
 rain cancelled that event at Ty Warner Park.  We were at the park and another fantastic  
group had their outing.  Have a Heart Foundation had their annual summer get together. 
We were asked if we would perform for their event and we did.  Jimi and I had a great time
and are so pleased everyone attending had a good time and loved our music.  This is the
first time they had music at one of their events.  Jimi and I are so proud to have
performed for this fantastic group.  A group of men and women who have been
given a second chance of life.  This was a life lesson.  You really need to enjoy l
ife and that life is wonderful.  Also, TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH!  Don't forget to
tell the people in your life that you love them and appreciate them.  Everyone at
this event treated us so well.  What a bunch of Great people.  They even fed us. 
The food was really good as well.  We did perform our song "OGDEN RAIN" which
really was a good song for the day, with all that rain.  What a great day!   We hope
to perform for Have A Heart Foundation again.  Thankyou for making Jimi and I feel at
home at your wonderful event.  Arthur       
September 13th. The WALK-RUN-ROLLATHON sponsored by Westmont Chamber of
Commerce and Westmont High School for St. Judes Childrens Hospital Fitness Walk was
cancelled.  Rain!  6.9 INCHES of Rain.  Lots of Rain.  Looking forward to re-scheduling this
wonderful event.  Thank You for inviting Tomorrow's Alliance.  Arthur
August 17th.The Lion's Club Volunteer Picnic was fun and peaceful.  The afternoon went
really easy.  "Simply Comfortable".  We played for two sets and ate great food.  It was really
nice to be part of a memorial service where the Lion's Club dedicated a beautiful tree to two
outstanding Lion Club members who passed away.  Their family was present.  What a great
experience.  We dedicated our song, "Concert of A Lifetime" to both volunteers who passed
away.  What a wonderful way to end these "TA" Summer Gigs before School starts again. 
Thank you Lion's Club.  Thank you Dave!

45. August 16th.  
Jimi and I had a blast at the 2nd Annual Chicago Avenue Block Party. 
The food, games, and our friends, old and new were terrific.  "TA" had a blast last night. 
We performed two sets.  During our break, "TA" was really pleased to announce a couple
of talented young women, Amy and Sophia who go by the stage band name of "Sarcastic
Sandwich".  They performed original music.  Great Music!  Look forward to performing
with Amy and Sophia again.  AJ Snyder and Brian Doherty were right on and we're so glad
they were on stage with us.  Jeff Krejcik is the Man!  We also want to thank Mr. Krejcik for
all his help and assistance.  Most of all thank you goes out to all the wonderful people who
attended the 2nd Annual Block Party event.  Looking forward to Next Year.   

August 14th.  George's Grilled-N-Chilled, during the Car Show.  It was Great.  Jimmy
and I thank all the GOOD PEOPLE who came out to support us.  The Crowd was really there. 
It was so great to see everyone before we go back to school.  My high school buddies were
there and Jim's High School buddies and Soon to be College bound friends were cheering us on.  
"TA" had a blast performing at George'e Grilled and Chilled.  We appreciate all our fans, the
"TA" Community for joining us and supporting the band.  Many Thanks.  Jimmy and I love
you for that Man.  At this show, AJ Snyder performed with us, FANTASTIC GUY! 
Brian Doherty was excellent as usual.  Again many thanks to you all and to those
going off to College in a few days, God Bless You All and Rock on in College.  Get it Done!  
To all going to High School, It will be the best this year!  Looking for you girls on the dance
 floor.  The High School dances will be fun.     
We had at least three encores.  It was truely a party.  A truely "TA" reunion.  Jimi and I
thankyou all for supporting us.  Thankyou goes out to George for allowing us to perform at
his restaurant.  I hope everyone has a great 2008/2009 school year.  

43. August 9th. Caitlin Doherty's Graduation Party was awesome. 
A big crowd with lots of new listeners.  We can say that the crowd GREAT! 
We played into the night and at the end was requested three encores. 
By the way, the food was so good!  We sung "For She is a Jolly Good Lady" to Caitlin. 
Also the crowd loved "Party Hearty" and "Coruba".  We had AJ Snyder perform with 
"TA" for the first time as our newest guest performer playing the Congas.  Also Brian Doherty
played the drums for "TA" for the first time.  Both were great!  Wow, we just had an awesome
night.  Congratulations Caitlin.  You will love High School.  We really enjoyed perfoming
for the Doherty family.  Great Party!    

 July 31st. George's Grilled-N-Chilled Westmont, Illinois During the
Mustang Car Show!  
A big thankyou to George at George's Grilled and Chilled.  
We played 25 of our Original songs.  We performed for the 
1st time in public two songs we wrote a few years ago.  "Schoolyard Hero" and
"Mustang".  Also we performed two 
more songs Jimmy and I wrote recently, "Simply Comfortable 
and "Before I Awake".  We had a blast and thank our fans for continuing to support us. 
Thankyou All!   
41.  July 26th. Greg Kman's High School Graduation Party was fun and the food really
fantastic.  We enjoyed the crowd and very grateful to all our fans and new fans.  Greg
has great parties.  "TA" wishes Greg very high success in College.
40. July 19th.  JV Guzman, Radio Host of the only Tejano Radio Show in the
Chicagoland Area, "TejanoBeatyMas" Radio Show shares with his audience the
successful 4th Annual Tejano Fest in Illinois and how well "Tomorrow's Alliance
did on stage performing to Illinois Tejanos.  You can check out his show on
Saturdays at 3pm to 5pm on WJJG, 1530 on your AM radio.  Thankyou JV!  
39. July 19th. Maggie's Gig was cancelled.  Very disappointed but neighbors wishes rule. 
Anyway we love Maggie and we had a blast at her party!  Lots of fun and good food.
38.  July 18th. Thank You Tejano Fest 2008!  Wow!  We had a blast at the 4th
Annual Iliinois Tejano Fest 2008.  
The Tex/Mex festival is a wonderful event.  We were the first band 
to perform and had about 500 people hear our music for the first time.  
It was great.  Tejanos are a Great Group of People.  We were treated 
so well.  The Tejano Bands that were the main stars performing at the 
fest were fantastic.  They loved our music and encouraged us to continue 
on as a band.  We were asked about a CD and when and how to get it.  
Thankyou to everyone at Tejano Fest 2008.  A special thanks to 
Joel Castillo for giving us the opportunity to perform.  Also a big thankyou 
to JV Guzman, Chicagoland's Tejano Radio disk jockey that encouraged 
us to contact Joel.  The event was located at a Horse Ranch in Hinkley 
Illinois.  A beautiful place. We also had two new guest performers join us 
at this gig for the first time.  Ms. Kira Cotts joined us as our newest back 
up singer.  What a performer, Kira was fantastic.  We also had a third 
guartarist on stage for the first time, Bryant Ruble who did a great job.  
What a professional.  Also Ms. Erica Ramos joined us as a back up singer.  
The last time she played with us was last year 2007.  What performers!.  
The girls were beautiful making our show bigger and better. We have been 
asked to perform next year at Tejano Fest 2009.  Looking foward to it.  
Thankyou Northern Ilinois Tejano Cultural Society.  
Jimi and I were honored for the invite.

37.  July 12th. 
Thank you for filling up the place at our newest friends Bakery and
Restaurant, @ La Petite Sweet.  The owner, Diane had to go next door to get more chairs. 
We had a blast and were very happy our "TA" Community came out to support us and
newest friend.  Our fans are the best and we love you!  We had our guest performer,
Winston Dyer play the Conga's with us for the 1st time. He did great.  We  for the
1st time introduced/performed a song we wrote called "Take Me for All I Am".  Again
36.  July 11th.  Taste of Westmont performance was really energized. 
We all had fun
on stage.  Thankyou all for showing up and supporting us.  We performed
for the first time our new song called "Welcome".  The Band really appreciates our fans. 
35. July 4th. We had a blast performing at John Monroe's party!  There were musicians
all over the place.  We did an encore performance with our new song, "CORUBA". 
Thankyou John and Mike Monroe.
34. June 27th.  Great Surprise Birthday Party for Gloria Lin.  We played for Goria
and her fantastic friends.  The band had a great time.  Happy 17th Birthday Gloria.
33. June 22nd.  We perfomed for our sister Wendy, older brother Bryant, brother in-law John,
and sister in-law Vanessa for the first time.  The songs were "CORUBA" and
"TAKE ME FOR ALL I AM."  It was a pleasure and thankyou guys for everything. 
We love you guys.  Mom was so happy.  Bryant even jammed with us the second
time we played "Take Me For All I Am".  Great job Bryant!  He's a terrific guitarist. 
Jimi and I have been talking about performing on stage with three guitarists for awhile now. 
We think the sound would be great.  Maybe Bryant would perform with us at times.  
Ami, Jack, Holly, Eddie, and PAPA are just wonderful.  Jimi and I love all you guys! 
Thankyou for the Graduation Party and the gifts.      
32. June 21st. Autumn's Graduation Party.  We had alot of fun and Autumn's friends
are awesome.  Good memories.  Your parents their friends were great Autumn. 
We met some terrific people at your party.  Autumn, thanks for inviting us to be
part of your celebration.  Brian Doherty performed the Bongos and Congas and he
did a fantastic job.    
31. June 14th. Mary's Graduation Party.  We played Unplugged.
30. June 11th.  Thanks for the Acknowledgement KO 105 Univision Radio in
Puerto Rico. DJ, Carlos Gabriel Merced Liceaga is awesome.
June 7th Appearance at Bridgeview Fest cancelled.  Jimi is sick with his
throat having swollen glands.
28. May 31st. Private Graduation Party in Western Suburbs.  1st time we performed
"Mr. Nobody" & in public, "Forevermore"  Thanks, KiKi, Penny & Chris 
27.  May 31st. Private Graduation Party, Southside Chicago.
26. May 29th.  8th Grade Graduation.  I was allowed to perform a song with the 8th grade
band and our Music Teacher.  Thankyou, it was great!  
25. May 25th. Red, White and BBQ.  We had a blast and the crowd was great!  The rain
came right after our last encore number.  Thankyou to all.  We introduced our newest
guest performer, Brian Doherty who played the Congas and Bongos. Our auxillary percussionist.
24. May 17th.  The crowd at Midway Landing Restaurant was an experience. 
The crowd was very cool. They drank, played pool and played video games while we
performed.  A CHICAGO date night for sure.  The crowd was in their 20's and 30's
and Jimmy and I were pleased they responded in a positive way.  We did an encore
performance with the song, "Party Hearty till the Lights Go Down."  They loved it.
23. May 15th.  WHS Talent Show 2008.  We performed our two new songs, "Coruba"
and "Katie" for the 1st time on stage.  We also had Mindy Moore perform with us our
song "Ogden Rain".  She played the piano and we loved it.  Jimi and I hope to perform
with her again very soon.  Thank you Mindy. 
The entire show was awsome!  Every act on stage was fantastic.  It was an A-1
Professional Run Event.  Man, every act was Professional.  Great Job Everyone!
22. May 11th. Our second Music Video shot.
 April 20th.  Jimmy & I Performed for our sister, Holly and Papa Kane for
the first time.  Really pleased they liked our music. We love them & miss them
often. Mom, Jimmy and I miss our Amie. We wish she could have heard our music. 
She always sang and was happy.  Mom plays the piano because of Amie.  We loved
her very much and very proud that we could play for our Grandfather.     
20. April 17th.  Sentinal Slam. We played a new song at this gig. "KATIE". 
Jimmy and I gave tribute to Uncle Josh with the song, "Concert of a Lifetime".
19.April 14th. Our Performance at St. Xaivier University cancelled this semester.
The University closed. We do not know when they will reopen.  Jimmy and I hope
 the School reopens and that they catch the people involved that threatened the school
with violence.

  April 10th. Our friend and Supporter, Arnie Bryant passed away today.  Our interview
and music on his radio show, "View Points of the Otherside is cancelled because of this
 sad news.  We will miss him.  God Bless his great family.  Thankyou Arnie.:(
17. April 8th.  WHS School Project.  
Performed New Song, "Love By Mail"
16. April 4th. Jam Session @ Tobias Music
Performed for the 1st time, "Love by Mail"
15. April 2nd. Oscar Night @ WHS
Video Shown of Band 
14. Lita's 70th Birthday Event
13. March 22nd. Lisa's Birthday Party
Performed New Song for the 1st. Time, 
"Stuck in the Middle of It All"
12. March 22nd. Comcast Special, 
played on the yyesyoucan tv show.
11.March 21st. yyesyoucan tv show, Comcast Special. 
10.March 17th. Comcast Special, yyesyoucan tv show.
9. March 14th. 
WHS Battle of the Bands 2008 .  We won! We introduced our 
newest Guest performer, Jimmy Joyce who played Drums for us.  We taught him our
songs on stage, during the performance.  Jimi and I were a little nervous but we pulled
it off and Jimmy Joyce was fantastic.  He has a true professional attitude.  Thankyou Jimmy Joyce.
8. March 14th. WJHS Talent Show 2008.
7. March 8th.ComedyHour @ Willowsprings
6. Feb. 19th.  Jim's 48th Birthday Party
5. Feb. 15th. The YYesYouCan Show Musical Appearance,
a Comcast Special 

4. Jan. 31st.Sentinal Slam cancelled because of  Weather.
3.  End of Finals Party
2. Jan. 19th. Gabby's 18th Birthday Party
1. Jan. 5th.  Wedding Music Video featuring the new song "Forevermore" 

Jimmy and I want to thank all the people that booked our
gigs and gave us the opportunity to play our music to their
crowds/patrons.  We sincerely appreciate everyone for their support. 
Thankyou, Arthur Liceaga