"TA's" Performances and Projects in 2009.

"TA" Gig in 2009.
Original Music you will Enjoy!
Let us get your Party or Event Rocking.
 Jimi and Arthur Liceaga

Birthday Parties, Festivals, Charitable Events, 
Picnics, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, 
Graduations, Weddings, Barmitzvas, Church Events, Holiday Shows, Fund Raising Events, School Events 
& Dances.

77.  December 25th, WRSE 88.7 FM We performed our original song
"WHEN IT'S COLD OUTSIDE" on their Stations 1st Annual Christmas show.

76.  December 24th. Performed at Private Christmas Party.

75.  Played our new song. "KURT'S MISERY" on the radio, 88.7 WRSE FM.

74.  November 26th.  Thanks Giving Private Party Concert.  

73.  Performed our original song, "WHEN IT'S COLD OUTSIDE" on the radio, WRSE 88.7 FM.  

72.  November 26th.  Thanksgiving Performance at Private Party.

71.  November 7th.  Congress Theater  Show cancelled due to promoters 
not obligating our contract.  We still got paid.  The Date Changed.

70.  10/31/09.  "TA" 3rd Annual Holloween Walk.

69.  10/24/09.  Private Birthday Party.  9pm

68.  10/24/09.  Westmont Harvest Festival.  4pm to 4:30pm

67.  10/23/09.  Private Birthday Party  11:30 pm

66.  10/14/09.  24th Anniversary Private Party

65.  10/04/09,  20th Anniversary Private Party

64.  September 26th.  LaGrange Park, Il. Battle of the Bands.  
noon till 3p.m.

63.  September 24th.  WHS Annual Bon Fire 

62.   September 19th. Adam Street Block Party

61.  September 13th.  Stigner Hall

60.  September 13th.  Winfield Good Old Days.

59.  September 12th.  Heart Foundation Annual Picnic

September 11th.  Balloon Festival.  Porter County Indiana. 

September 7th.  Downers Grove Lion
 Club Labor of Love 1K Race/Walk    Starts at 8am

September 6th.  Glen Ellen's Autumn DAYZ.   
3:15 to 5:15 pm

August 22nd.  15th Annual MO FEST. Noon to 3:30pm

54.  August 20th.  Car Show in Westmont, Illinois.

53.  August 13th.  Caribou Coffee @ 6pm.  Glen Ellen, Illinois

52.August 9th.  SOUTHSIDE CRUISERS Car Show 
Summer Cruise Fest!  
@ Toyota Park  Over 350 Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycles.  
10am till 6pm.  

51.August 8th.  VFW Hall in Brookfield, Illinois.  
2 p.m. Fund raiser for our troops. 

50. July 26th.  ANONAPALOOZA Family Festival 2009.
Good Templer Park, Geneva, Illinois
49.  July 26th.  8:30 p.m.  DuPage County Fair

48.  July 25th.  A Place for Us.  Improv Show @ 9p.m.
47.  July 24th.  "TA" weekend gigs announced on 
"The Scott Allen Radio Show" on WJJG Radio AM.
46.  July 18th. Bob Rohrman Oakbrook Toyota in Westmont - 3 p.m.
45.  July 18th.  "Tomorow's Alliance" Jimi and 
Arthur participate in short film by 
new Director and Screen writer Ms. Lauren Warner. 
44. July 12th.  Tejano Fest 2009.  Hinkley, Illinois.
43. July 11th.  Taste of WESTMONT.  Time: 4:45 t0 5:45 p.m.
42. July 8th.  Two Chefs cafe & catering Restaurant in 
downtown Bensenville, Illlinois.
July 4th.  St. Judes Breakfast and Walk/5K Run  
@ Ty Warner Park 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
40.  July 4th.  Brookfield, Illinois Park Distict  4th of 
July Celebration @ 5:30  to 6:30 pm.
39.  06/28/09.
  Taste of CHICAGO  @ 4:30 to 7:00 p.m.  Beautiful Day!  
The line up of bands was awesome.  
"TA" shared the stage with "BLAME THE DOG", "FLIPSIDE", "ROLLING THUNDER", 

What a great bunch of musicians.  So entertaining.  GOOD MUSIC!  All the bands we 
performed with were so tight!  

It was an honor to share the stage with these bands.  "THE BURROWS FOUR" won 
the grand prize.  "TA" was told 

by the judges that they ranked "Tomorrow's Alliance" on Original music, band looks, 
and stage control in second place.  
The show was alot of fun.  The crowd was great.  The staff was right on and so 
professional.  Thank You Jimmy Joyce and Joel Cantoran for joining us in this gig.  
You guys rock!  As usual Jeff was right on.  
A special thank you to Ms. Ivy Hall for coordinating this show.  Great Job.   
38.  06/27/09.
.  WINFIELD Community Bank @ 6p.m. to 7:30 p.m. We just 
missed the rain and lightening. 
The people were fantastic and the bands were really great. "TA" shared th
e stage with "Crossing" and "Jordan".  
We met great people at this gig.  THE SOUND SYSTEM WAS GOOD.  Thank you 
Nick Orevec for joining "TA" on this gig.  
We love your drumming.  Lots of control.  Right on Nick!
June 27th.  Graduation Party @ 3:15p.m.  This Gig was cancelled.  
The graduate was sick.  We hope he feels better.  
Jimi and Arthur
June 14th. Mad City Road House Radio Show & Bensenville, Il. 1st 
Annual Car Show.  11:30 am - 12:30pm.  
Over $1 million dollars in automobiles were displayed.  Awesome!  Bob 
at Two Chefs restaurant is a cool dude.  
Thank You Bob for making us feel so great at your business.  Thanks 
for providing "TA" the power for our AMPS.  
"TA" had fun performing at the 1st Annual "Mad City Road Radio Show" 
and Bensenville Illinois Car Show.  
It was great meeting Rich who put this all together with help of his friends.  
We performed our song "MUSTANG"  
We met a great guy named Mike who owns "THE TOY STORE", a fantastic 
auto shop/dealership who sells 
and specializes in vintage automobiles.  "TA" thanks Erica Ramos and Joel Cantoran 
for perfoming with "TA".  
You guys are GREAT! What a terrific event.
35.  06/14/09.
  H.S. Graduation Party.  WE HAD A BLAST AT JON'S H.S. 
Graduation party.  
We really loved performing for their guests.  The food was excellent and 
Jon's parents have always been great people.  
Rock on Nowak family.  Congratulations Jon!  Jimi and Arthur 
34.  06/13/09
. LaGrange Park Library.  "TA" Performed with this 
Great band "7 Ate Jack".  
Thank You LaGrange Park Library for allowing us to perform at your library.  
A special thank you to Brian 
for allowing "TA" to perform with your great band "7 ate Jack".  You guys 
are great.  "TA" had a blast.  
The audience and sound system was excellent.  Your music is excellent.  
The entire show was RIGHT ON!  
A special thanks to 
Erica Ramos, Joel Cantoran and Nick Orivec for performing with "TA".  
You all Rock! ARTHUR 
33.  06/07/09
End of School Year Family Party.  We Love You Papa and Lita!  
Thank You LITA and PAPA for the 
wonderful guitars.  They are just awesome.  We love the decorations and the paint 
on these guitars.  
We are going to perform with these on smaller acoustic gigs.  What a surprise.  
We love you Papa and Lita. We love the guitars.  Love Jimi and Arthur
32.  06/07/09.   H.S. Graduation Party
June 5th.  CEP YOUTH LEADERSHIP, inc.  5KRun/Walk in LaGrange, Illinois.  
Thank You "CEP YOUTH FOUNDATION" for having "Tomorrow's Alliance" perform 
at your 
excellent event.  It was fun and the home, the owners that hosted us were great.  
We really 
enjoyed this gig.  The runners were really cool to see.  What a great event.  
Looking forward to 
next year.  Thank you.  ARTHUR 
30.  05/30/09.  Canceled performance.  Open for 
"Six Ways to Sunday" was canceled.  
Mix Up on Date and time.
 05/30/09.  American Cancer Society/Jaycees Cancer Walk - 
Midnight to 6am.  
We will be performing at 1am 
for the walkers.
28. 05/29/09.  "Good Times Friday" on WRSE fm Radio.
05/24/09.  The Third Anuual RED, WHITE & BBQ.  This great 
Westmont LIONS CLUB and JAYCEES.   "TA" has performed since 
the beginning of this event.  

We are so proud to be part of this annual event.  The weather and the 
crowd was excellent.  
A special thank you to Erica Ramos for doing back up singing and a special thank 
you goes out to 
Austin Gorman for drumming with "TA".  We didn't have enough time to rehearse 
all together but 
we sounded OK.  By the way, this is the 2nd time AUSTIN has performed at 
with "TA".  Back in 2007 and this year.  Thank You Larry McIntyre and all the 
Lion Club and Jaycee 
26. 05/21/09.  WHS 2009 Talent Show.  Jeff and I did the show without Jimi.  
Jimi had finals and couldn't join us.  Jeff and I had a blast.  We were joined by 
all the other 
great talents that entertained 
the audience.  We had lots of fun.  Looking forward to next year.   
17/09. Brookfield, Illinois Park District @ Noon.  "TA" wants to 
all the bands that 
participated in the 4th Annual Brookfield Illinois 2009 BATTLE OF THE BANDS.  
There were 10 bands that 
competed.  Every band that performed was Great!  Truely Awesome.  We had a blast.  
THANK YOU Brookfield.  

We will be posting some of the bands info. and pictures on our web site soon.  
"TA" came in third place which i
s awesome.  The park was rocking from noon to 6p.m. with great music from all the bands.  
Really they were 

all fantastic.  You must attend next year.  You will enjoy yourselfs.  Great place to 
bring a date.  The food was 

awesome.  The judges were really professional.  They used the point system to 
determine the performances.  
The staff involved were really helpful and friendly.  Great people.  Great sponsors.  
The sound system was  A #1.  
PROFESSIONAL!  The crowds were awesome.  The weather was perect.  Just a great day.  
"TA" had a blast 
performing at this show.  Looking forward to next year.  Keep up the good work Brookfield.  
Jimi and I want to 

thank Austin for drumming, Zach for playing the Bongos and Jeff for taking off work for this gig.  
Jimi and I THANK YOU guys for making it to the Brookfield gig.  I know we didn't have the time 
to all rehearse
 for this show together but it still worked out.  We sounded OK.  Can you imagine if we could 
practice all 
together, at one time.  This was the 1st time since February 2009, the Reavis H.S. gig that 
Jimi and I sang 
together on stage, so we know we were also off a little bit.  You guys are all terrific musicians.  

thanks for performing at the show!  We really appreciate you guys.  Also thank you Hawaii, 
Ryan and Nick 
for assisting us in moving our equipment.  "TA" really appreciates you three.  Thank You Nicky, 
Hawaii, Mom 
and Dad for taking pictues and filming.  A special thank you to Erica Ramos for giving us flowers 
after our
 performance at Bookfield Park District gig.  Thanks Erica.  They were beautiful flowers.  You Rock!  
Jimi and Arthur
24. 05/
15/09.  88.7 fm WRSE Radio.  
23. 05/14/09.  Three dorms at Elmhurst College at a Early Morning, (3 a.m.) gig.   
That was lots of fun.  
Even the campus securty guys liked the music.  Especially "Coruba".
22. 05/08/09.
  88.7 fm WRSE Radio 
21. 05/07/09.  
National Student Nursing Association.
20. 05/0
1/09.  88.7 fm WRSE Radio.
16/09.  The Sentinal Slam @ 7pm   Thank You Sentinal Slam 2009!  I had a blast.  
A little under the
weather but the show must go on and it was fun.  This was the first time doing the "Sentinal Slam
" by myself.  
Yes, all alone.  "TA" was only one person band this night.  Jeff could not get off work and Jimi had a 
night college class 
and a test to take.  All the performers from musicians to poets were terrific.  As usual the entire staff 
and students that put this together were awesome.  The food was real good.  Pizza, bagels, coffee, cakes.  
All so good!  Looking forward to "Sentinal Slam" 2010.   
18.  04/03/09.  WRSE 88.7FM Interview
17.  03/26/09.  
"TA" was very pleased to have performed at a Great New Coffee House called 
Located at Central and 63rd Street in the "Windy City", "the City with Big Shoulders", the 
Capital of the World!", "This is my kind of Town".  Yes Chicago.  We have great new friends, 
John and Terry who   

opened this great Coffe House and Restaurant.  They offer fantastic acts from performers 
around the Mid West.  
From Musicians, Singers, Poets, Jugglers, to Comics.  "A PLACE FOR US" is a place you want 
to hang out at.  
They offer great food, games, a media screen and great people you can meet.  Jimi and I 
want to thank 
Zach Swiec in doing a fabulous job on the Bongos.  Just like old times Zach.  You didn't 
miss a beat.  
We sung some of our new and old songs and the crowd loved it.  Man, the crowd was awesome.  
"Tomorrow's Alliance" is looking forward to performing at "A PLACE FOR US" again very soon.  
THANKS MOM FOR FILMING US.  And thank you John and Terry for the invite.  Jimi and Arthur     
16.  03/19/09.
Jeff and I had a great time on stage at Westmont High School.  
All 7 bands were great!  
The sound system was fantastic this year.  Even the lighting was perfect.  As usual 
the audience was awesome.  
WE HAD A BLAST.  The bands really were  great.  It was a terrific night, a real Rock 
and Roll Show.  
We missed Jimi, who had a Mid-Term test to take.  Jimi was disappointed he had to 
miss this awesome 
night but looking forward to next year.  Jeff and I performed "Urban/Suburban", 
"Forget the Clouds", and 
"Reciprical", with "Party Hearty" as an on-core.  I did Beat Box on one of our "TA" 
songs since we didn't have 
a percussionist.  Lots of fun.  Congratulations to all the performers on stage with.  
Dan Radcliff is a great Host!  
The entire crew and staff was excellent.  Thank You WHS Student Council, Mrs. Portz 
and Principal Carr for a 
terrific night.  Geart Job to all involved!   Jeff and I had a blast.  Thank You. Arthur
  03/13/09.  Radio Interview on WRSE FM 88.7  Discussion about "TA's" original music.  
14.  03/06/09.  
Radio Interview with on WRSE 88.7FM Radio.  We played "CORUBA" 
live on air.  Lots of Fun!
13.  02/20/09.  
Battle of the Bands at Reavis High School.  Thank You Reavis High School.  
We had a blast!  
It was real hard to pick a winner.  The Judges had a real hard time to decide.  
In 1st Place was the Band called
"The Pains".  In Second Place was a Band named "SULFOX".   In 3rd Place was 
We are very proud to have participated and we congratulate "The Pains" and "SULFOX".  
Great Bands.  
All the Bands were great!  The staff was excellent.  Keeping all the bands rocking. 
 Over five hours of live music.  
The stage hands were wonderful.  "TA" realizes the dedication, time and hard work that goes
 into any successful show.  
Thank You.  The back stage folks assisted all of the bands with any kind of problems
 that came up.  
Security was fantastic.  All our equipment was looked after so that all the performers 
could mingle with the crowd 
and get our last minute jitters out of the way before we were called on stage.  All the MC's 
were really professional.  
The Lighting and Sound Crews were on top of their Game.  Great Job.  All the PERFORMERS, 
the JUDGES, the entire 
STAFF and CREW were awesome.  Helping anyone in need.  Great Show, Great Event!  
Jeff Krejcik was Right On!  
Jimmy Joyce was RIGHT ON!  Martina Barnat was Excellent and really enhanced our stage 
presence.  Matt Swiec 
was awesome and he charged up the stage.  Thank You Nicole and Nick for taking pictures.  
Thank You mom and 
dad for taking pictures and filming.  Also a special thank you goes out to Mrs. Barnat for 
driving Martina and Matt to 
practices, for moving some of our equipment and for providing her home to us to practice 
when needed.   
"TA" is pleased to have made new friends and new fans at Reavis High School.  
Reavis Rock fans are GREAT!  
Looking forward to perform other "TA" Originals for Reavis High School.  
Keep On Rocking Reavis High School.  
Jimi and Arthur    
12.  02/20/09.  
Interview on WSRE FM88.7 "TA" shout outs.
11.  02/20/09.  
Reavis High School, WRHS radio interview hosterd by Zach Swiec.
10.  02/19/09.  
Jim's 49th Birthday Celebration.  Great Cake! 
  9.  02/18/09.  
"TA" mentioned on WRSE fm88.7 on your radio dial.
  8.  02/18/09.  
"TA" and Reavis High School "Battle of the Bands" was mentioned on 
WJJG AM1530 
on your radio dial.
  02/15/09.  Our band "Tomorrow's Alliance" was mentioned on Chicagoland's 
WRSE 88.7 FM radio 
Sunday night.  It was a HIP HOP show.  Thankyou for the mention.  Looking forward 
to an official interview in the 
  6.  01/17/09.  
Reavis H.S. After Dinner Dance Party.  This was a last minute Gig.  
Arthur was not able to join us 
because he was sick but Zach Swiec and Martina Barnat joined Jimmy to entertain 
the crowd.  It was fun with great 
"TA" fans.  The "TA" Community is growing.  Thank You Reavis High.  
01/13/09.  "Tomorrow's Alliance" films 2nd Demo DVD for 2009 re. our song, 
"On the Boulevard".
  4.  01/11/09.  
"Tomorrow's Alliance" edits our 1st Demo DVD for 2009 re. our song 
"Feeling Alright".  
Arthur and Jimi performed this song at a Christmas Party in 2007.  It was fun looking 
back at that time.  
Arthur was in 8th grade and Jimi was officially a Junior/Senior in High School. 
  3.  01/03/09.  
"Tomorrow's Alliance" 2008 Appreciation Party was Great.  Thanks to 
all that made us better 
in the year 2008.  Thank You to all that attended the "Tomorrow's Alliance" 2008 
Appreciation Party.  
The food was great and plentyful.  Mrs. Diaz's desert was excellent.  We loved it!  
Everybody enjoyed each 
others company and we laughed and talked about past shows.  We had a DVD 
playing showing a "TA" 
performance in the corner and  pictures showing different gigs "TA" was involved 
with in 2008.  
A 2008 "TA" Year Book was passed around showing some of the places and events 
that we performed at.  
We were having such a good time that we forgot to have everyone sign it.  We awarded 
some little gifts to 
show our appreciation to all that assisited us in 2008.  "TA" planners to all the wonderful 
people that helped 
us with our equipment and sound, "TA" pen and pencil holders to all the 
"TA" Guest Performers with their 
pictures on them, "TA" photo frames to all the song writers with their pictures on them 
and a set of "TA" 2009 
calendar post cards to all that attended.  Amy came out to play a few songs, Phil did a 
couple of card tricks.  
Everyone toasted "Tomorow's Alliance" for a great 2008 and a better 2009.  We had fun.  
The party was only 
two hours long and it went by really fast.  Next year we will need at least three hours.  
We want Amy and 
Phil to entertain us much longer.  They are great!  Everyone was having such a good time 
that we lost time 
and the janitor had to remind us to leave cause it was past closing time.  "TA's" 2009 
Appreciation Party will 
be a little longer by at least an hour.  Again thank you to all that came out to celebrate 
"Tomorrow's Alliance" 
year in 2008.  I will be posting the pictures of this event really soon.  Thanks to all that 
helped us clean up and 
Thank You to all that made this night terrific.  Also, Jimi and I love you Nicole, Mom and Dad.  
Thanks for a great 
night and a great 2008.  Arthur
  2.  01/02/09.  "Tomorrow's Alliance" records for the 1st time our newest song, 
"I Wanna Ride" with Isaias Felipe.  
We still need to finish editing this recording.  Not ready to be released to the public.  
Isaias is a very good producer.   
  1.  01/01/09.  Liceaga's NEW YEAR PARTY 2009.  Performed "Finally Home" and 
"Let's Do This Again Sometime" 
for the first time in public.  Great way to start the new year.  Happy New Year!