"TA" 2010 Projects/Gigs

Original Music you will Enjoy!
Let us get your Party or Event Rocking.
Sincerely, Jimi and Arthur Liceaga


 "Tomorrow's Alliance" Wish You and your Family A VERY MERY CHRISTMAS!

12/22/10.  6:30 - 9:30 p.m."A Place for Us"  Holiday Gig
12/20/10.  6 - 7:30 p.m. Microsoft Retail Store  Holiday Gig 
12/19/10.  Elm Brook Healthcare & Rehab Center Holiday Gig
12/17/10.  Kyle's 21st Birthday Party
12/15/10.  Eric's 20th Birthday Party
12/05/10.  "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" had a blast performing at 
Elmbrook Healthcare and Rehab Center.  This was our first time we 
performed cover music in public.  We sang classic Christmas songs.  
It was great.  All the people were wonderful.  We all sang Christmas 
songs and they loved our original music.  We performed our song 
"WHEN IT'S COLD OUTSIDE" with other Christmas songs.  It was great.  
Our song goes along beautifully with other classic Holiday music.  
It was amazing.  Thank you to Elmbrook Rehab Center.  We enjoyed 
meeting and performing to all our new fans.  Arthur   
"TA" in November 2010.
11/05/10.  8:00 p.m. Ashberry Cafe 
11/13/10.  Video Project on Lockwood St. 
11/25/10.  Thanksgiving Party Gig
11/26/10.  Westmont's Holiday Parade.  "TA" participated in 
the 16th Annual HOLIDAY Parade on Cass Avenue, held in 
Westmont, Illinois.  We represented the Lions Club of Westmont.  
We made a banner out of a Lions Club member's Vest that Jimi 
and I carried.  It really looked great.  Of course all the parade 
viewers recognized the Lions Club International vest.  We even 
had folks yelling to us , "Thank You Lions Club! " It was a lot of fun.   
Austin Gorman siad he would make it but decided to go snow boarding.  
Dave Barnes and Jeff Krejcek were not feeling good and couldn't make.  
Jake Crowl was with us and we thank him for that.  We song traditional 
Christmas songs and a sang we wrote called, 
"When It's Cold Outside".  Yes it was cold outside.  
We started around 6:30 p.m.  All the parade participants 
were terrific.  Having fun and being Jolly.  It's the season.  
Lots of kids with their parents enjoying the parade down 
Downtown Westmont.  The parade ended at Veterans Park 
where all the Christmas trees were lit.  We had a blast.  
We were honored that the Lions Club asked us to represent 
their organization in this really fun event.  We will be posting 
some of the pictures from this event soon.  Thank you Lions Club.  

11/30/10.  Special "TA" project on our song 
"TA" October 2010
10/03/10.  Westmont Yard Sports Complex Grand Opening. 
10/03/10.  Westmont FALL Harvest Festival 2010
10/22/10.  Holloween Party @ Elmhurst College
10/22/10.  Holloween Party @ Palos Heights Rec. Center
10/23/10.  A Place for Us.  "TA" Video Project.
10/30/10.  Chicago's Archer Ave. 2010 Fall Festival Parade.    
"TA" September 2010 
09/11/10.  Have A Heart Foundation Picnic 
09/18/10.  Adam Street 2010 Block Party
09/23/10.  WHS Bond Fire.
09/24/10.  Elmhurst College @ Bluejays Roost
09/24/10.  Elmhurst College @ the Cafeteria.
09/24/10.  Elmhurst College on the Mall
"TA" August 2010 Gigs 

08/01/10.  Southside Cruisin Fest @ Toyota Park.  The 
car show was cancelled due to Low Rider National 
Magazine Competition committments in another state.   
08/01/10.  3p.m. - 3:40p.m.  Family Anonapalooza Fest
08/05/10.  Westmont's Cruisin Night
08/09/10.  "TA" Summer Annual Meeting & Retreat 
in Mount Morris, Il. 
08/14/10.  8p.m. "A PLACE FOR US" celebrating Jeff 
leaving to college party,   
08/14/10.  and "TA's" 1st Wheelchair and Disability 
Awareness Concert Featuring Kyle Erickson.
08/28/10.  MO Fest 2010
"TA" JULY 2010 Gigs 
07/01/10.  5:30 p.m. 7 p.m. Pre- Parade Concert on 
Lotus & Archer Avenue.  "TA" performed for an hour and a 
half before the parade.  We had a blast and were able to perform 
to a new group of "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" fans.  Lots of fun.  
We performed on a Flat Bed Tow Truck owned by A-OK Towing.  
We got to assist in starting the parade.  Thank You "A PLACE FOR US".  Arthur     
07/01/10.  7p.m. Chicago's Annual Patriotic Day 
Parade down Archer Ave. Celebrating our Heros and the 4th 
of July 2010.  The Patriotic Day Parade down Archer Ave. was awesome.  
We had a blast.  Austin played the bongos, Jeff the Bass, Jimi and I the Guitars 
and vocals.  Heck, all of us were singing this night.  Jimi sang and shouted out 
the names of all the great sponsors that participated in the parade.  It was so 
much fun.  There were about 20,000 people who viewed the parade this glorious 
night.  It was so much fun.  Jimi had the crowd roaring.  We performed "Coruba" 
and "Party Hearty" down Archer Avenue.  Before the parade started 
"TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" was asked to start the entertainment on 
Archer Avenue.  "TA" did an entire set of our songs.  We got the parade 
going.  What an Honor!  Jimi yelled out "Who Loves Chicago!",
 called on the folks viewing at each street corner, shouting out their street 
corner names, shouting out the parade name, shouting out 
"A Place for Us" and all the other sponsors.  The Chicago Police Department 
were out in force doing an Excellent Job.  We shouted Out to the Police.  
They were so cool.  Even our 81 year old Grandfather was in the crowd.  
We were shocked to see him since he's from Texas.  Mom was on the 
flat bed tow truck having fun and filming us at times.  Dad was taking 
pictures and filming us, walking the parade while passing out "TA" post 
cards to the crowd.  Great Night.  We were on a flat bed towing truck and 
the driver was Excellent.  So Nice.  He blew his air horn down Archer Avenue 
every time we Yelled Out Chicago's Name.  A-OK Towing is his business and 
we will provide his business card to all very soon.  What fun.  The flat bed 
truck was so big that all 4 of us and our band equipment fit on it with about 
25 other people.  Parents, chidren and teenagers threw out candy to the 
parade viewers.  All were shouting "PARTY HEARTY!" and singing along with 
our song "CORUBA"!  ALL HAD A BLAST.  Thank You Terry!  A Night to be
 remembered.  VERY COOL.  
07/01/10.  11p.m.  "A PLACE for US"  we performed an 
FOR ABOUT 35 MINUTES.  Jeff was awesome as usual.  Austin played t
he Bongos.  Great job Austin.  We met a terrific artist who sings and plays 
guitar.  She entertains in New York City, living in New Jersey.  JENNA is 
in Chicago promoting her new "EP".  HER WEB SITE IS POSTED ABOVE.  
Check out her songs.  They are awesome.  She is on her way to Memphis 
to perform and record.  We wish her the best and were talking to her about 
writing a song or two together in the future.  She loved our song "CORUBA".  
We were talking about working together on stage.  So glad we met.  
Great talent.  Arthur    
07/03/10.  5:00p.m. - 6:15p.m. Village of Brookfield 4th of 
July Picnic.  Thank You to all the Great people of Brookfield, Illinois.  
"TA" performed at Brookfield's 4th of July Picnic.  This is our 2nd year and 
are very proud to do this show.  The United States turn 234 years old tomorrow.  
It was an Honor to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment with the good 
folks of Brookfield, Illinois.  Austin played the Drums, Martina the Keyboard, 
Larissa the Bongos, Jeff the Bass and all were fantastic.  Thank you guys for 
working the show.  We appreciate it.  You guys are great.  We were the last 
act and performed right after that great group of guys, 
"The Neverly Brothers Band".  We will be adding their web site real soon.  
Thank you for a wonderful time we will always remember.  Arthur  
07/11/10.  4:45p.m.  Taste of Westmont 2010  07/11/10.  
"TA" performed for the 4th year at "The Taste of Westmont 2010".  
We played the Teen Tent and had a blast.  The crowd filled the tent and 
we had alot of folks stop and watch our performance outside the tent.  
It was great to play our songs to new "TA" fans.  Austin played the drums, 
and Jeff the bass.  They were awesome.  Thank you guys.  The Barnat girls 
were missing.  They had  their grand mothers birthday to attend.  The girls 
are beautiful and talented and were truly missed.  But we understand that 
Grand Parents birthdays should never be missed.  The sound system was 
manned and provided by "UNCLE JOHN'S Music store.  They were awesome.  
We gave a shout out to all the festival sponsors.  "TA" gave a special shout 
out to "THE LIONS CLUB of WESTMONT".  They do a great job providing eye 
care and glasses to the needy of Westmont and DuPage County residents.  
What a great organization.  Make sure to visit and thank your nearest
 "LION CLUB Organization.  Wonderful group of people.  We even put our 
AMPS on top of two crates of Corn the Lion's Club were cooking and  selling 
at the festival.  This is one way they raise money to provide their services 
to the public.  Thank You to all the folks involved and thank you to all our 
fans that came out to support "TA".  It was great seeing familiar and new 
faces in the audience.  Arthur
07/17/10.  7:30p.m.  ALPHA Motors Grand Opening
07/23/10.  Cancelled due to schedule conflicts from 
other bands.  We will try to get this off the ground possibly 
by end of the month.  1st Annual Chicagoland's 
South West Band Festival.
07/24/10.  8:30 p.m.  "A Place for Us"
07/25/10.  7:30 p.m. - 11p.m.  
DuPage County Fair 2010. 

"TA" June 2010 Gigs
06/26/10.  We added three new items to "TA's" Official Web Site.  The front page will give sports news and Chicagoland's weather to our visitors  We love sports and this way we can along with our fans that visit "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" web site get the sports news and the weather info. that we crave.  Very Cool.  Also, especially for our Female fans we added a feature video of a very talented and special person known as Andrea.  She has tips for girls and women in her own program called,  "Andrea's Choice".  We hope you all enjoy these new items on our Official "TA" Web Page.  Thanks for visiting.  Arthur  

06/25/10.  We wrote another "TA" song with Jeff, and Austin.  We have not named it yet.  Maybe sometime next week.  Jimi and I are excited about this song.  We think it sounds cool.  Looking forward to performing this new song in the fall of 2010.  Thanks, Arthur.  

06/19/10.  8:30PM "A Place for Us" Restaurant, Chicago, Il.  "TA" had a terrific set at "A PLACE for US".   We performed in their beautiful open Cafe Garden.  Plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy their food, coffee, cold drinks and treats with family and friends.  Terry, the owner told us that we were the 1st band to perform in their Cafe Garden.  Our Keyboard player, Martina Barnet was awesome as usual.  Martina brings a great vibe to the band.  She looked beautiful as ever and we had her move away from the Keyboard and join us more center stage with the Tamborine on some of our songs.  Martina did fantastic.  We will have her on vocals soon.  For the 1st time, John Crowl performed on Drums for "TA".  He was fantastic.  A true professional.  It was good to have a performer with so much control.  Fillers are great but only at the right time.  John gets it.  Great guy.  Jeff was just Great as usual.  We performed one of our newest songs called, "SILVER SCREEN".  We had a fantastic time.  Looking forward to next months performance.  We will be playing some new and old songs we wrote that have not been performed for awhile.  It will be fun.  Larissa could not make this show.  She was at her well deserved 8th Grade Graduation sleep over party.  Her friends and her are going to "PARTY HEARTY till the LIGHTS GO DOWN".  Larissa is really talented and is a terrific Artist and Musician.  Austin Gorman did not make this gig.  He had to work a double shift this day.  We missed them both.  Thank you to our fans and it was wonderful to make new fans.  Arthur    
06/16/10.  "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" has aquired a new "TA" Guest Performer.  He is John Crowl.  John will be our Auxilary Percussionist, performing at some of our shows.  John has been a musician since he was eight years old.  We performed with John on the same stage in 2009.  Great performer, very talented and we are pleased he joined "TA".  Arthur

06/11/10.  7PM Youth in Crisis 5K RUN, LaGrange, Il.  The CEP 4 YOUTH 5K RUN gig was a great success.  Over 400 runners were involved.  We had a blast performing our music for the runners.  All the participants gave us thumbs up.  We were so pleased.  This was our 2nd year being part of this fantastic fund raiser.  The volunteers and the House Hosts were awesome.  The event went so smoothly.  The rain even stopped and the evening was perfect to run and perform.  What an Awesome Night.  Austin was perfect on the drums.  "TA" is so pleased Austin came back to the band.  He added some really cool lights to his drum set.  We love it.  Jeff as usual was just Right On.  Man we love Jeff.  It's been a few years we've been performing together now.   Great song writer.  Jimi HAD A BLAST THIS NIGHT.  Loose and having FUN.  That's what I like.  Jimi and I were thrilled in being part of this event.  The people are awesome and the event is so important.  We performed a new song Jeff, Jimi and I wrote called "SILVER SCREEN".  We didn't even practice this song as a group yet but Austin was just to good this night to waste his talents so we did it and it was a big success.  This is the 1st time we performed this song in public.  It felt good.  We made new fans and met a few of our existing fans.  Handed out "TA" post cards.  Just a very cool night.  So Thank You to all and Remember, Rock On!  Arthur       
06/09/10.  Edited a "TA" March 2010 gig at WHS DVD.   
06/08/10.  7:30 PM  The "DUGOUT" Restaurant, 
Burbank, Il.   Cancelled due to Rain.  
06/01/10.  Jimi and I finished another new song.  We call it, "THE FLAME THAT IS MY NAME".  We think you will enjoy it.  Most likely we will publicly perform this new song in August 2010.  We still have to show the rest of the band.  Looking forward seeing all our fans real soon.  Thanks, Arthur.  

"TA" MAY 2010 Gigs.
05/30/10.  Red, White and BBQ.  12:00 - 1:30 pm  "Tomorrow's Alliance" had a blast performing at the 4th annual "RED, WHITE and Bar-B-Q in Westmont, Illinois.  This was the 4th year "TA" has performed at this wonderful event.  We want to thank the Lions Club, The Jaycees of Westmont, the Westmont Park District, and The Kansas City BBQ Society for allowing "TA" to perform this year.  This years event was bigger and bolder.  Lots of fun, family friendly with carnival rides, music, games, and GREAT BBQ!  This is a BBQ Cook Off with Chefs competing for cash and trophies.  We had Austin Gorman on Drums, Martina Barnat on Keyboard, and Larissa Barnat on Bongos.  They ROCKED!  Jeff was awesome as usual.  We made new fans.  It was an Awesome Day.  Arthur   
05/27/10.  Jeff, Jimi and I wrote and finished another song.  We named it "THE SILVER SCREEN".  We will perform this new song to the public probably in August 2010.  We have to sing and teach this new song to the rest of the band.  We look forward in sharing this new song to the public real soon.  Rock On!  Arthur  
05/27/10.  "TA" mentioned by radio TALK SHOW host Ray Hanania.
05/26/10.  We want to apologize to our fans regarding our guest book comment page.  Some person left a very nasty comment with swear words..  We Do Not Endorse or Encourage Fowl Language on our site.  We do believe in Free Speech, so negative comments are acceptable.  That's Cool.  We can use those comments to improve ourselfs.  What we don't want is any Swear Words on our site.  We have young to mature fans that we respect.  Fowl Language on this Official "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" Web Site is not Repectful.  We repect your opinion of us, but again we do not respect the swearing parts of the negative comments.  By the way, we loved all the bands that performed.  Everyone of the bands were GREAT!  Thanks for your understanding.  Arthur   
05/22/10.  A Place for Us  8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
05/21/10.   American Cancer Society's, "RELAY for LIFE".  We want to thank Leslie Abrahamson for the opportunity to perform at this special event.  We have a song very special to "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE".  The song is called "CONCERT of A LIFETIME".  This song was dedicated to the loved ones lost to cancer.  Jimi and I wrote this song in 2006 with Zach Sweic.  One of our original drummers.  Zach's father passed away from cancer in his thirties.  Really young dad.  Mr. Sweic was a cool dude.  Jimi and I lost our Grandmother to cancer in 2005.  AMI was really nice and we loved her.  Anyway, we wrote this song in dedication to the people that we loved so much.  Time has passed by so fast and every time we perform-sing this song we remember Mr. Sweic and Ami.  Thank you to all our new and old fans for supporting "TA" and this cause.  Arthur   
05/20/10.  New "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" DVD.  We edited a film of our performance at the Westmont High School 2010 Battle of the Bands.  We had a great time performing.   
05/16/10.  Brookfield Park District  5:15 pm  Brookfield Park District's 2010 Battle of the Bands was fantastic.  THE VILLAGE of BROOKFIELD and a SOUND EDUCATION are the wonderful backers of this event.  Also the sponsors of this event are just great.  Thank you Brookfield Zoo, Studio VMR, Jack FM, Taco Express, Washburn, Continental, and a Sound Education.  Larissa Barnat played the Bongos, Austin Gorman is just a great Drummer, and Martina Barnat was Right On!  Jeff was excellent as usual.  "TA" enjoys bringing-performing our Original Music to the public.  Jimi and I were not able to practice with the band because of testing and finals.  It was a hard week.  But we did come in second place because of our musicians.  We click and we care for each others concerns.  That counts.  Some people want us to play covers but Jimi and I are not that type of band.  We have LYRICS and MUSIC in us that we LOVE to share with the public.  Thank you to all our current "TA" fans and future fans.  Before I forget, A BIG THANK YOU to ALL the VOLUNTEERS that make this yearly event a Great Success.    
05/15/10.  Produced and Edited DVD from 2010 WHS gig for public distribution.
05/14/10.  "TA" announced on "Out-n-About" Talk Radio Show on WJJG AM 1530. 
05/14/10.  "TA" gig announced on "GOOD TIMES FRIDAY" radio show on WRSE FM 88.7.

"TA" APRIL 2010 Gigs 

04/29/10.  7 p.m.  Two Way Street Coffee House
04/22/10.  9:30 p.m.  "TA" performed at Elmhurst College @ Alpha Sigma Phi's Battle of The Bands 2010 concert.   "TA" came in 1st place this night.  We had a blast.  Austin Gorman played drums, Jeff Krejcik played bass, Jimi and I sung and played guitar.  We performed "TA" music for about an hour.  The crowd was excellent.  We had a blast.  Jimi also filled in with another band.  They were missing their guitar player.  They performed favorite covers.  All the bands were excellent.   We want to send a special thank you to Pedro Mercado.  Great Organizer.  Thank You goes out to the very talented Sound People.  It was a fun night.   
04/17/10.  8:30 p.m.  "A Place for Us". "TA" performed at "A PLACE FOR US".  Martina Barnat played the Keyboard, John Shaffer played the Bongos and Austin Gorman played the Drums.  All were excellent.  We celebrated Martina's 17th Birthday this night after the gig at "A PLACE for US".  Martina is an excellent person.  Jimi and I are lucky to have her perform with "Tomorrow's Alliance".  It was fun to see all her friends celebrate Martina's Birthday.  Jeff was absent from this gig because he had an issue with his eyes.  He's OK but Jeff couldn't drive.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTINA!     

"TA" March 2010 Gigs
03/13/10.  "A Place for Us" 8:30 p.m.  We performed at "A PLACE for US" in the south side of Chicago.  We had a blast.  Made new friends and fans.  The audience was Great.  Our hair stylist, Jenny came out to hear our music for the 1st time.  Thank you Jenny for showing up and thanks for the great hair styles.  The entire staff at "A PLACE for US" were terrific.  We had Martina Barnat play the keyboard and tamberine for "TA".  Great job!  Austin Gorman was excellent on the drums.  Jeff was Right On as usual.  Jimi and I really enjoyed this gig.  We performed our new song, "SCARECROWS" for the first time in public.  "TA" is honored to be asked to perform at "A PLACE for US" once a month.  So we will be performing at this terrific coffee house/restaurant once a month.  We will always have new original songs for our audience.  Of course we love to play your favorites when requested.  Looking forward to meet new and existing fans.  We love to sign audigraphs and take pictures with fans.  Thank you for being great and Keep On Rocking.  See you at "A PLACE for US" in April 2010.  Arthur 
03/15/10.  Announcement about "TA" 
on Ray Hanania Talk Radio Show on WJJG AM 1530. 
03/27/10.  WHS Battle of the Bands

"TA" FEBRUARY 2010 Gig.
02/13/10.  "A PLACE for US"  Show starts at 8:30p.m.  
02/20/10.  6:00  p.m.  8:30p.m. The Reavis H.S. gig was great!  All the bands were terrific.  The staff was really attentive.  The audience was rocking.  Jeff was sick and missed the show.  We really missed him.  Martina was excellent on Keyboards, John was great on the bongos, Austin was as usual right on his drumming.  We actually trained a bass player named Matt at the gig.  He loved our music.  Thank you Matt.  It turned out to be a good night.  Thank you Reavis H. S. 
02/20/10.  Show starts @ 6:00 p.m. 
02/28/10.  Film another acoustic set of 10 songs for DVD.

"TA" JANUARY 2010 Gigs 
01/01/10.  12:15 am.  Happy New Year Performance. Private Party

01/01/10.  8:30 p.m.  WRSE 88.7 FM.  New song "SCARECROW" to be played.

01/16/10.  Jimi and I wrote the first new song in 2010.  We call it "SOLAR SEARCH".  It came together and we had a fun time putting this song together.  We are looking forward to performing this song this year.   

01/16/2010.  We added a live video of our song titled, "THE NAMELESS" that one of our fans recorded on their cell phone back in 2007.  Jimi, Jeff and I performed at this fun gig.  We had a blast at this party.  You can view this video by going to our 2007 gig page under Halloween Gig 2007.  We also added pictures from that gig.  Hope you enjoy this video.  One of our fans found it on MySpace.  Thank You Liz for posting this performance on MySpace.  Arthur

01/23/10.  5:00 p.m.  "TA" 3rd Annual Appreciation Party.  Thank you to all who attended our 3rd annual "TA" Appreciation Party.  It was so nice and easy and we all had a good time relaxing and eating great food.  Jimi and I really appreciate all who helped us out in 2009.  Again Thank You so much.  Arthur   
01/26/10.  "TA" has created a new web page.  We call it "TA's Comedy Corner".  For your entertainment we have the monologues of Jay Leno and George Lopez.  Both are terrific stand up comics in America today.  Also we have added a couple of guest interviews both men conducted on their shows.  Enjoy.  We will be adding more and changing out older clips every week.  Actually at the end of the week.  In the future, more comics to be added on their own web pages within this web site.  Also added is comic, Chris Farley.  Thanks for watching and clicking on "TA's" official web site.  Arthur     

01/31/10.  Filming Aqoustic set of 10 "Tomorrow's Alliance" songs. 


Arthur relaxing after a "TA" gig.