Meet the Band Members of 

Updated 03/08/13.

Jimi Liceaga
is the lyric/song writer, guitarist, lead vocalist and principal of "Tomorrow's Alliance". He writes keyboard and bass lines to the music. During shows he is the first person to smile and is known for his Jim Morrison style shades. Jimi gets the crowd movin n' grovin and makes them want to "Party Hearty Till the Lights Go Down."
Jimi produces, directs. and edits the "Tomorrow Alliance" music and video projects. 
In his freshman year of High School, he directed and filmed a variety show aired on Comcast.   
He also filmed a political talk show special aired on Comcast.  
Jimi was also part of DuPage County's Peer Jury program during his three years of High School.    
Jimi graduated May 28th, 2011 from Elmhurst College in three years, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. 
Jimi currently is in nursing school to get his 2nd degree.   
Jimi volunteers at senior rehab  centers and hospitals.  
Master Degree in Business (MBA) October 2011 to August 2012.  On hold due to Nursing School. 
Jimi has his C.P.R. Certification. 
Jimi is also the Host and Executive Director of a radio show called "Good Times Friday-TV" renamed "Good Times Radio TV" or "GTR-TV".  
January 2010, Jimi was named Program Director for a year at WRSE Radio Station.  88.7 F.M. which airs in the Chicagoland Area.  
Jimi was their Station's Band Director for the year 2011.
Currently Jimi is a radio jock on WRSE Radio every Sunday from 6 to 8p.m.. 
Jimi loves to read Band Bios which he shares on air with his listeners.    

Updated 09/10/2012.


Jeff loves music and computers.  He is a great bass player and song writer who loves to perform.  Jeff is all about music and computers.  We are very lucky to have Jeff in our band showing off his talents on stage.  Jeff is 21 years old and is attending College of DuPage.  On his spare time, Jeff writes code and likes to ride his bike.  He is working on developing a web site.  Jeff is a great guy and good friend.  Looking forward to writing more songs with Jeff this year and next.   

Updated 07/04/2013.

Arthur Liceaga
Arthur is the lyric/song writer, vocalist, guitarist and principal in the band. Arthur writes the great rifts and music that gives "Tomorrow's Alliance" it's unique sound.  
Arthur is 19 years old.  He played with another band "12 Nights" when he was younger and always says "that if it wasn't for his older brother Jimi, than he would not be doing music.  "Jimi and I were just meant to play together, for this band is formed by two things, music and lyrics. If One was missing, there would not be "Tomorrow's Alliance".  
- Member of DuPage County Peer Jury project for five years.  
2nd Year of college.    
- 2012 Contributor Writer for College of DuPage Courier Newspaper on Automobile/Transportation, Latino, and COD Entertainment issues.
- January - April 2012.  C0-Founder of the College of DuPage Car Show.
- 2011-2012 Producer of "ALTER EGO PRODUCTION" for College of DuPage Open Mic events.  
- Fall 2011 Student Representative of COD's 1st 5K Laps with the Chaps Run/Walk Committee.  
- Fall 2011-2012 Student Leadership Council Service Committee.  
- Fall 2011-2012 College of DuPage Student Ambassador.  
- Spring 2012 Treasurer Latino Ethnic Awareness Association
- Fall 2011 Secretary of Latino Ethnic Awareness Association.  
-  Attended college over the summer of 2011 in a speech class.  
-  Fall and winter 2011 term completed a Humanities course
Started college in the summer of 2010 with a political science class.  
High School
-Graduated High School in three years on June 1st, 2011.    
- Worked his High School's lighting system for special functions, plays and school graduations.  
He loved that job.  "Very peaceful up in the control booth". 
- An editor of his High School year book all three years.  
- Co-created the theme music for the High School Basketball team that recognized all the 2010/2011 season team members.  
"TA" Band/Music
- Arthur keeps "TOMORROW'S ALLIANCE" moving and on track.  
- Organizing "TA" band members and "TA" Guest Performers before every performance.  
- Arthur is the Editor of the official "Tomorrow's Alliance" web site.  
- Arthur co-created a jingle for a radio show in the Chicagoland area.
- As of Spring 2013 Arthur is an Intern for STUDIO VMR.  
RADIO & TV" Show. 
- Arthur is the co-creator, producer and director of a radio show called "GOOD TIMES FRIDAY - TV" (GTR-TV).  Re-Named "GOODTIMES RADIO-TV".  
- Host of "GOOD TIMES RADIO & TV" Show.  He loves to set the pace of the live music/talk shows and to book the guests that make the shows interesting.  
- Grip and film/camera man for a magazine.  Filmed the political marches of undocumented immigrants in Grant Park.  2005 to 2009.  
-  Grip for a Comcast variety show.
-Arthur was 11 years old when he was on the radio talking about his music and explaining what it takes to film a television variety show on Comcast.   Arthur appreciates what goes into a performance and project/venue.  "It can be hard work at times, but worth all the effort."