"TA" Past Photographers

"TA's" First Official Photographer

Nicole Focusing for the Right Shot!

Nicole and Arthur hope you enjoy "TA's" Pictures and Web Site.

Nicole takes a picture of Kira, Arthur and Jimi Downtown in 2008. 
The Gangs All Here!

Nicole Kanka

Nicole loves to take pictures and to video tape performances.  
She shares this passion with her late Grandfather who loved 
taking pictures.  Nicole works with many different software 
products to get the most out of her subjects and projects.  
Her editing is fantastic. 

03/24/09.  "Tomorrow's Alliance" wish Nicole the best.  
Nicole was our very first Official Band Photographer.  
Nicole did a Great job.  Because of Nicole's school work, 
sports and school band obligations, Nicole won't be able to 
continue in this role for "TA".  Her full time band and sports
 schedule this summer won't allow her to take those great 
pictures of "Tomorrow's Alliance".  She will be missed.  
We love Nicole for all she has done for Jimi and I.  But we 
can't be selfish and we know Nicole's Marching Band training 
over this summer will take alot of her time.  Nicole is also an 
awesome Volley Ball Player and in High School we know she 
will be a great athlete.  Thank You Nicole for all your help.  
We love you. Friends, Jimi, Jeff, and Arthur.  

Planning the Next Video

TA's Official Band Photographer, Nicole